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Aug. 18th, 2006

Griff Im Human as Well


Alrighty people, Im switching over to some new journals so please, if you want to keep me on your flist add the following journals as you see fit:

dragoon_sten This will be my new main account.

lions_courage This will have all of my art and exchane communuties.

highwind_memory And last but not least, this will deal with roleplaying in general.

Thanks guys! ALSO! I have a new cell so please, ask for it or check my new journal ;)

Aug. 1st, 2006

Leona Happy cheerful perky

(no subject)

Hello again! *laughs* Just a week to go til Im 24 and I have net! *laughs* Yes, Im looking much forward to it, and I have so much to post and share. ;)

Lesse, I backed up into my Dad;s truck earlier this week. x-x

I had a deep depression but crawled out of it.

I decided Im going to college next year! Im going in for vet tech classes. Gonna do soemthing with my life yanno?

Art's been goin well, very well! Ill have an assload of works to upload.

Uhm... loosing weight apparently! Who knew?

Went to the doctor, had my foot looked at, blood taken. Not fun.

Discovered the meaning behind Id's name and what her true name is.

Still looking for my own. x-x

Realized that I wish to research religeons and alchemy when I come back, study a bit on different beliefs.

And er... thats it I think. A few muses grew up with me sort to speak, and yeah, these are the stories Ill share when I get back. Take care everyone, miss you all terribly!

Jul. 11th, 2006

Jecht thats the way I am

(no subject)

Well, less than a month to go! *laughs* Ive been kinda depressed lately, but been taking steps to get over it bit by bit. Art sure hasnt suffered for it though, cant wait to show ya guys!

Mom and I are looking into soemthing new for me, taking college courses. Though aheh, nopt sure what I would be good at or should do. I guess thats for me to find out, so wish me luck tehre!

Anyways, just a quickie entry here. RPwise guys I will start brand new scenes for all my charries when I return, I cant seem to get into it right now with this off and on thing. So bear with me okay! ;)

Anyways, see ya guys soon!

...Man I cant believe Im gonna be 24 soon...

Jun. 27th, 2006

Griff Im Human as Well

(no subject)

Im still alive, I swear! *laughs* No uhm, its just that I cant use the net often, or else Im obsessed. > > Thin wire Im a walkin, but Ill definitly be connected again come August Seventh. Hope everythings going well!

Gooood Im bored. *laughs* Going though old games. Beat Sly Cooper, what an awesome game. Going through .Hack and Xenigears now. Im on the fourthy disc in the one, lots of fun. Muses have been a swirling, should have ref sheets for almost everyone of my charries when I get back :P

Anyways, I should be calling people more I think ;) I have my phone still, so if I call dont have a heart attack. Just anotehr month to go guys and Ill see ya real soon!

Love Talenyn!

Jun. 7th, 2006

Faris keeping a secret

(no subject)

Well, Im updating from the computer at the library. x-x;;; Anyways, its only gfor a month or two, but Im missing you guys already soemthing awful! *laughs* Ill have LOADS of art to make up for it though, promise ;) Anyways, its not so bad really. Im gonna try calling people more and whatnot.

Im still debating on whetehr I need to come back with a different name or just make the entry friends only... same thing with DA. Id hate to give up all the history I already have tehre though! *laughs*

Aaaaanyways, still trying to get into the swing of things. Took everyone out driving today, it went quite well! Mwahaha! No screaming or tires popping, my family said I did quite well and that makes me one happy camper.

Had a creepy dream, post it later. A muse and a name have moved on, and ve never seen ehr so happy. (Which makes me happy, hard as it was to let go.)

Ill prolly better update this thing sometime later, just trying to get everything done with being timed and all. One hour sessions. *laughs* At least the keyboards here are easy to use. ;)

ope you all are doing well and uhm, catch ya later! Kyracil, rps will be up shortly okay? And Lis, replying to things now ;)

Jun. 4th, 2006

Griff Im Human as Well


Well... Ive come to a desicion about everything thats occured thus far. The person, who wrote the letter. Ill admit Im a bit nervous on the whole thing as well. When I was a moderator at the guild I heard my share of stories. The guys almost three times my age, and tahts saying a lot. He mentioned being lonely and all...

...And soemtimes I have to wonder. Do I trust too much? Do I allow myself to be... blinded by the light I try to see in others? No matter how dark the soul... I try to see light. And I wonder, I fear, that that will one day be my undoing.

Besides that, I have pressure from known areas as well. She wnats a bit of peace. So we reached a comprimise of sorts. I told her MOnday I'll have the net turned on, but keep my phoneline. Two months from now, on my birthday, it will be my gift to me to have it reinstalled.

...When I do, I'll have a new AIMname and I'll lay to rest my old one once and for all. The new one will be handed out to a very close circle, those I have talked to before, heard their voices basicly.

This isnt goodbye, not in the least. The library can be found within driving distance, I'll be going tehre every day after work to keep rps and such going, reply in this LJ. Ill miss ya guys on AIM thought. *Huggles everyone close*

As Seto said in a recent rp, Bohao. Not goodbye, but see you later.

Ill be using the time to create some nice artstuffs yanno, some stories to type?

Lis, Ill be replying to rps tomorrow.
Kyracil, Tomorrow I shall set our rps at dragoon eyes temporailly, if anything to keep my muses from going crazy these next two months. Wont be as fast but, it works right?


In the end... its my desicion this one. I'll miss ya all and remember, my emails always open too okay? Take care. *nods*

Jun. 1st, 2006

Sirius Annoyed

(no subject)

Well after a three hour battle at the optomistrist we were never able to get a correct pair of contacts even in. ><;;; Says I have narrow eye openings or soemthing like that. *sighs*

My folks have been uber paranoid about my driving, its kinda cute. o_o

Im slightly worried however. Ya see, my folks are in a tozzy because this... person from some time ago wroyte to us and lives nearby, asking to come visit and saying hes lonely. They already watch every 'net stalker' show on tv, so tehyre kinda paranoid. *sighs*

I never gave him my addy. THAT much Im sure on. However, theyre saying now theyre gonna cut off net access in the house a few months, over the summer. ...I didnt do anything wrong. I think its their excuse to cut it, despite me being responsible.

Its... not right. *shakes head*


Anyways, sometimes I wonder if I let the folks have too much reign over what I do. Im 23, and I still have to ask permission before I go, let them know where I am, call when I get to work. I know tehyre just worried for me really. And I appreciate it. But where draws the line I wonder?

I hope they dont cut the net, its really become my sanctuary. My way of keeping sane.

May. 26th, 2006

Leona Happy cheerful perky

*Is doing the happy butt wiggle of happiness*

WOOT! *laughs* Alright, so we've had a busy day today. Remember how yesterday I got my license? Well we ran into one small problem. See, the lil red car that is the family loamer kinda doesnt steer anymore among otehr things! So basicly I had a license but no car!

Enter today. Dad wanted to take me out early to go hunting for cars. We ve had our eye on this lil blue car for a time, but got into it today and it was FAR from comfortable! *laughs* The steering wheel was trying to kill me I swear!

So we go to the next place, this lil place run out of someones home I think. O_o Anyways, the lil red car I really liked the style but it never liked ME. If that makes sense ;) This one was also a beretta, but a beautiful silverblue in color. Problem was, they werent there so we had to come back. x-x

So we came back with Mom, who drive it. It drove well, good AC! All it was missing was a rear mirror which the OTHER car had. So basicly, a few transferring of parts and VIOLA!

*jumps a bit* So anyways, it had 1895 but the guy agreed to 1600 cash for it. We went to my bank, pulled out 1800, and paid for the car, tags, and taxes. There was quite a bit of traffic there however so Dad agreed to drive it halfway. I paid for the gas, and we dropped it at the halfway point. My sib took the side and off we went!

But I tell ya, I almost literally pissed myself! Mom told me to follow her, which I did. But right as we pulled out a semi came towards us (keep in mind I was in the process of turning) at more than 80 MPH! Now, one says their life is supposed to flash, but mine didnt. My mind went 'HOLY CRAP! GUN IT! GUN IT!' Which is what I did, so we were alright and safe, just wide awake. Anyways, after a smooth drive home, its safe now as are we.

Gotthe insurance and car in my folk's name, but its all paid for. I have a license, its insured, its legal. And its mine. Lil silver blue with powder blue interior chevy bereeta, 96, 84,000 miles.

I'll let ya in on a secret. I had it namedthe first time I saw it. Corny, but I call it Quicksilver, Silver so short. I guess every time I pull out I can say "Hi ho Silver! Awaaaaay!" :3 But its just really exciting for me, feels like a big step!

Mom was like My brains gonna explode! First this, Catie's a senior..." Yeah, lots of changes. But...

Everything moves forward as Ive said before.

I'll have to post pics for y'all later :3

May. 25th, 2006

Sirius Furfire or Pleasantly Surprised

Well I did Promise...

I promised how I would tell you guys about today, how things went, no matter how bad. *sighs* Scraping up both the back and front of my own Mother's car. Tears enough to drown in. More frustration than I ever thought I could out up with. The disappointed look in my mom's eyes after we worked so hard.

After all that we finally got it today! Okay, I did. *laughs* But I coudlnt have done it without her either. Everything went so smoothly for once. I kept waiting for myself to make a mistake. Just one. Just one. As we got closer and closer however, I could see it wasnt coming.

Nice feeling not having your permit handed back to you. Or bursting out in tears in the midst of strangers. After, we parked the car the tester and I. She smiled for once, and said, "I think I can finally give you some good news."

So yeah, we go from blue to red, and I wont have to worry about this for anotehr ten years. It was a good learning experience all in all I think and... Im just relieved. So relieved.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me. *Grins* You guys rock.

May. 24th, 2006

Cid Moving Forward

(no subject)

Sometimes when she walks, silent, she wonders if her words and her will, her ways, will be erased with a single word. She wonders if everything she's worked so hard to be, everything's shes worked so hard to build up, will vanish with a single look.

They hold that kind of power to her. They all do. Looking from the cracks, commanding her will, all from the luxory of their thrones. She takes it, but Im not certain why. She just... takes it. Answers to their whims and their requests, such is the bond of blood I suppose.

*smiles* Life moves on, and it can only move forward, ya know? Tomorrow morning I try again on the driver's test, sixth time now. *laughs* I'll tell ya how it goes...

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