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Leona Happy cheerful perky

*Is doing the happy butt wiggle of happiness*

WOOT! *laughs* Alright, so we've had a busy day today. Remember how yesterday I got my license? Well we ran into one small problem. See, the lil red car that is the family loamer kinda doesnt steer anymore among otehr things! So basicly I had a license but no car!

Enter today. Dad wanted to take me out early to go hunting for cars. We ve had our eye on this lil blue car for a time, but got into it today and it was FAR from comfortable! *laughs* The steering wheel was trying to kill me I swear!

So we go to the next place, this lil place run out of someones home I think. O_o Anyways, the lil red car I really liked the style but it never liked ME. If that makes sense ;) This one was also a beretta, but a beautiful silverblue in color. Problem was, they werent there so we had to come back. x-x

So we came back with Mom, who drive it. It drove well, good AC! All it was missing was a rear mirror which the OTHER car had. So basicly, a few transferring of parts and VIOLA!

*jumps a bit* So anyways, it had 1895 but the guy agreed to 1600 cash for it. We went to my bank, pulled out 1800, and paid for the car, tags, and taxes. There was quite a bit of traffic there however so Dad agreed to drive it halfway. I paid for the gas, and we dropped it at the halfway point. My sib took the side and off we went!

But I tell ya, I almost literally pissed myself! Mom told me to follow her, which I did. But right as we pulled out a semi came towards us (keep in mind I was in the process of turning) at more than 80 MPH! Now, one says their life is supposed to flash, but mine didnt. My mind went 'HOLY CRAP! GUN IT! GUN IT!' Which is what I did, so we were alright and safe, just wide awake. Anyways, after a smooth drive home, its safe now as are we.

Gotthe insurance and car in my folk's name, but its all paid for. I have a license, its insured, its legal. And its mine. Lil silver blue with powder blue interior chevy bereeta, 96, 84,000 miles.

I'll let ya in on a secret. I had it namedthe first time I saw it. Corny, but I call it Quicksilver, Silver so short. I guess every time I pull out I can say "Hi ho Silver! Awaaaaay!" :3 But its just really exciting for me, feels like a big step!

Mom was like My brains gonna explode! First this, Catie's a senior..." Yeah, lots of changes. But...

Everything moves forward as Ive said before.

I'll have to post pics for y'all later :3


Happy butt-wiggle of happiness? o_O *nearly falls over laughing* Duuude, that's a freakishly awesome term! XDD *steals*

Haha! Quicksilver? o_O Yea... corny to the max :P But I'm happy for ya'! :D Sounds like an eventful day! ^^
Happy Butt Wiggle of Happiness?

I'm extremely happy you got a car, but I really think it should have been in your name, since you paid for it v.v||
Other than that, happy driving Sten ^.^||
Hi ho Silver Awaaay!

Lol! xD That's an awesome name for acar.
wow, sounds like a ver exciting day. Congrats on the car! maybe you can call who ever is a passenger Tonto? eh, lame humor, I know. But yeah, go you. So, see you around. be safe and happy, try not to be too nervous about driving and keep up the good artwork. See ya, you rainbow-winged not-so-lone ranger
Bah, congrats on the license and the car! :D

I wish I had happy butt wiggles of happiness.... O.O
Faris Happy Butterflies

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