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Sirius Annoyed

Well after a three hour battle at the optomistrist we were never able to get a correct pair of contacts even in. ><;;; Says I have narrow eye openings or soemthing like that. *sighs*

My folks have been uber paranoid about my driving, its kinda cute. o_o

Im slightly worried however. Ya see, my folks are in a tozzy because this... person from some time ago wroyte to us and lives nearby, asking to come visit and saying hes lonely. They already watch every 'net stalker' show on tv, so tehyre kinda paranoid. *sighs*

I never gave him my addy. THAT much Im sure on. However, theyre saying now theyre gonna cut off net access in the house a few months, over the summer. ...I didnt do anything wrong. I think its their excuse to cut it, despite me being responsible.

Its... not right. *shakes head*


Anyways, sometimes I wonder if I let the folks have too much reign over what I do. Im 23, and I still have to ask permission before I go, let them know where I am, call when I get to work. I know tehyre just worried for me really. And I appreciate it. But where draws the line I wonder?

I hope they dont cut the net, its really become my sanctuary. My way of keeping sane.


YES!! :O *hugs*
Sten, it's your computer, and if I remember right, you pay for the internet there too. AND you're 23. The thing is though, you know whats going to happen, it's happened before, and it'll happen again, they'll say if you're an adult you need to move out. and when that happens, just..say okay ^.^|| Agree with them. If they back off, you've called their bluff, and if they don't, then you get to live on your own. Either way, you win.
Thats my two bits. You know I'm getting a headache now right? :þ~~~~~
I second that motion.
Wtf is with parents and not liking the internet? :/

They already watch every 'net stalker' show on tv

Haha, especially with the MySpace explosion, parents are now paranoid... xD
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