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Griff Im Human as Well


Well... Ive come to a desicion about everything thats occured thus far. The person, who wrote the letter. Ill admit Im a bit nervous on the whole thing as well. When I was a moderator at the guild I heard my share of stories. The guys almost three times my age, and tahts saying a lot. He mentioned being lonely and all...

...And soemtimes I have to wonder. Do I trust too much? Do I allow myself to be... blinded by the light I try to see in others? No matter how dark the soul... I try to see light. And I wonder, I fear, that that will one day be my undoing.

Besides that, I have pressure from known areas as well. She wnats a bit of peace. So we reached a comprimise of sorts. I told her MOnday I'll have the net turned on, but keep my phoneline. Two months from now, on my birthday, it will be my gift to me to have it reinstalled.

...When I do, I'll have a new AIMname and I'll lay to rest my old one once and for all. The new one will be handed out to a very close circle, those I have talked to before, heard their voices basicly.

This isnt goodbye, not in the least. The library can be found within driving distance, I'll be going tehre every day after work to keep rps and such going, reply in this LJ. Ill miss ya guys on AIM thought. *Huggles everyone close*

As Seto said in a recent rp, Bohao. Not goodbye, but see you later.

Ill be using the time to create some nice artstuffs yanno, some stories to type?

Lis, Ill be replying to rps tomorrow.
Kyracil, Tomorrow I shall set our rps at dragoon eyes temporailly, if anything to keep my muses from going crazy these next two months. Wont be as fast but, it works right?


In the end... its my desicion this one. I'll miss ya all and remember, my emails always open too okay? Take care. *nods*


Good luck, dear. You can always reach me by phone. You know that, silly. You never call. ;-; But anyway. 510-827-5955. If I don't pick up the phone, just leave a message so I can get back with you. I like hearing messages. ^^ Take care, okay? I worry about you sometimes, you know.
Are you still coming out to Cali to see me and Jett? I was curious because I was planning today and I wanted to make sure. No pressure, I was just wondering because I might actually have money to go.
I actually ended up geeting a car instead. *nods* But maybe next year? Anyways, Im definitly goin to have to call ya. *nodders*
Oh, okay. Next year is good too, I guess. ^^

You know my phone line is always open, Kristen.
Well, I hope you decide to call me at least :þ my number's (530)872-1496. And..you better come back soon Xþ~~~~ I'll cry if you don't O________O
Two months, but Ill try to post in rps via library access as well. *nodders* Wh knwos, might come back with high speed :P
Or a new pc? :O
*huge huggle* (503)682-2296. I'll be here waitin' if you need me. ^^ And try not to worry how everyone in Wilsonworld is doin', I'll take care of us until two months *patpat* Oh, and I'll tell Elie you say happy birthday ('tis on the 8th) :P

xDD Keep YOUR Muses from going crazy? Mine are already rabid, drooling buckets of slop xP JK.

As a last note, I just... hope you get things accomplished.
*nodders* Im gonna be tryting to randomly post at the library, but Ill be back in two months. ;) Thanks, glad to see youve got it handled, really glad actually! *grins*

*laughs* Mine would be if I didnt have the artstuffs ;) But Ill try and leave places for the two to meet *nodnods* I cant guarentee the reply rate or anything though.

*nods* I will. Art and Im gonna explore a bit, discover a few things, contemplate. NO excuses not to now eh? ;) Ill be back under a different journal, AIM name, and DA account, but you'll know its me, I promise :P

But yeah, Ill definitly drop ya a line sometime! Take care and catch ya later!
*laughs* Don't forget you have DA RPs as well, missy! And AE. If you need, I'll link you to them :P THough I doubt you need that.

Aaah, I'm on an art mini-hiatus for the moment. NO inspiration x_x LOL, don't stress it. You'll post when you post, ya know? I don't want any more than that *hugs*

I damn well better know it's you >>; Though, I do wonder, why're you starting over? This isn't a video game with a button, Talenyn... Such secrecy, I'd wonder if you're part of the FBI or something 8l

^^ THat'd be much enjoyed. Take care!
I think we're in the same boat for the trust thing. And it's definitally not good to be untrusting, but there's a fine line between trusting and too trusting.

Unfortunatly I dunno where that line is yet. I'll tell ya when I find it though.
wow seems like your gonna be real busy so best of luck to ya
843-532-6123 hit me up sometime!
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