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Hello again! *laughs* Just a week to go til Im 24 and I have net! *laughs* Yes, Im looking much forward to it, and I have so much to post and share. ;)

Lesse, I backed up into my Dad;s truck earlier this week. x-x

I had a deep depression but crawled out of it.

I decided Im going to college next year! Im going in for vet tech classes. Gonna do soemthing with my life yanno?

Art's been goin well, very well! Ill have an assload of works to upload.

Uhm... loosing weight apparently! Who knew?

Went to the doctor, had my foot looked at, blood taken. Not fun.

Discovered the meaning behind Id's name and what her true name is.

Still looking for my own. x-x

Realized that I wish to research religeons and alchemy when I come back, study a bit on different beliefs.

And er... thats it I think. A few muses grew up with me sort to speak, and yeah, these are the stories Ill share when I get back. Take care everyone, miss you all terribly!


Yay. :) Vet tech classes are fun, just remember not to get too discouraged. Sometimes the science and medicine trips people up. :D Been there done that, and I do love my job :D
Awesome! See, I just figure that I cant keep working at walmart all my life yanno? This way, I have soemthing to look forward to! And maybe I can putthose Latin classes I took in school to good use! :)
You took Latin classes? o_o; Where do they offer those!?!? Quick, tell me the meaning and orgin of... haha, jk >>;
I wish to speak with meh Griffy~ ;-; *ducktapes to Oregon/Cali general area* >_________________>
I should be reconnected again today, though it'll be limited IM afraid. Least, on the days I work. x-X;;; But yeah, expect for me to drop by soon ;)
LE WHOOOTNESS! *freaks out* x3 Homg... limited? What do you mean? o_o; ...T-T That sounds depressing "limit". *shoots the word and the creator* Heheheeee~ I'll be waiting >3
You should call me and talk to me about these things. Stay connected!
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August 2006

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