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Faris keeping a secret

Well, Im updating from the computer at the library. x-x;;; Anyways, its only gfor a month or two, but Im missing you guys already soemthing awful! *laughs* Ill have LOADS of art to make up for it though, promise ;) Anyways, its not so bad really. Im gonna try calling people more and whatnot.

Im still debating on whetehr I need to come back with a different name or just make the entry friends only... same thing with DA. Id hate to give up all the history I already have tehre though! *laughs*

Aaaaanyways, still trying to get into the swing of things. Took everyone out driving today, it went quite well! Mwahaha! No screaming or tires popping, my family said I did quite well and that makes me one happy camper.

Had a creepy dream, post it later. A muse and a name have moved on, and ve never seen ehr so happy. (Which makes me happy, hard as it was to let go.)

Ill prolly better update this thing sometime later, just trying to get everything done with being timed and all. One hour sessions. *laughs* At least the keyboards here are easy to use. ;)

ope you all are doing well and uhm, catch ya later! Kyracil, rps will be up shortly okay? And Lis, replying to things now ;)


meh, you better call! *pounces* or I WILL fill your room with peppers... don't think just because I've been gone I lack the ability!
Whats going to happen to your contest? o.o
She said it'd be delayed until August 7th. o_o
oh, okay :D
Mmkies! ANd call me, too! I gave ya' meh number. I wanna catch up, you know!? God, I miss ya already too *pats* Damn... now you have me curious. You fikkle little thing *bops with plotbunny plush*
Okay (don't know if you actually saw my last comment because I got rid of it) but it's good that you drove well. :D

Omg, updating at the library= hassle. x.x
Faris Happy Butterflies

August 2006

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